How to Crossfade on Spotify

The Spotify app works on Macs, PCs and both iOS and Android mobiles.
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The Spotify service enables you to stream your favorite types of music on a computer or mobile device. Normally, a song on Spotify completely ends before another one plays. If you want to have a continuous stream of music, you can use the "Crossfade" feature. This option blends two songs together, and can result in a smoother listening experience.

1 On a Windows or Mac Computer

2 Click Edit on the menu bar

Click "Edit" on the menu bar, if you are using a Windows computer. On a Mac, click "Spotify" instead. Choose "Preferences."

3 Are marked

Scroll down to the options are marked "Playback." A list of options is shown.

4 Click the check box

Click the check box labelled "Crossfade Tracks."

5 Drag the slider bar

Drag the slider bar left or right to adjust the crossfade length. The delay time is shown next to the bar in seconds; you can set the length anywhere from one to 12 seconds.

6 On an iPhone or iPad

View the Spotify app and tap "Settings." Choose "Playback."

Scroll down to the area marked "Crossfade." Tap the toggle option to the "On" position.

Touch and drag the slider to adjust the crossfade time.

7 On an Android Device

Open the Spotify app and press the menu icon.

Choose "Settings." Scroll down to the "Crossfade" area.

Tap and drag the slider to select the crossfade length, or drag the slider all the way to the left to disable the crossfade.

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