How to Find a Public Google Calendar

You can store your calendars online with Google Calendar.
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Google enables you to keep track of important events and schedule your activities using its Calendar application. You can also share your calendars with other people or embed them into Web pages. To share your Google calendar with other people and allow them to subscribe to it, you must use the calendar's address. If your calendar is not public, you must change its privacy status before other people can subscribe to it. Additionally, you can browse through a list of public calendars on Google and subscribe to calendars you find interesting.

1 Finding the Calendar's Address

2 Open the Google Calendar Web page and log in

Open the Google Calendar Web page and log in to your Google account if necessary.

3 Want to share click the arrow

Mouse over the calendar you want to share, click the arrow that appears to the right of the calendar and then choose "Calendar Settings" from the menu.

4 Click the HTML button

Scroll down to the "Calendar Address" section and then click the "HTML" button to display the HTML address of your calendar. If you want to obtain the XML address, click the "XML" button. To export the calendar in iCalendar format, click the "ICAL" button and then click the URL and save the calendar on your computer.

5 Select the address and then press

Select the address and then press "Ctrl-C" to copy it to the clipboard. Click "OK" to close the dialog box. To paste the address somewhere else, press "Ctrl-V."

6 Subscribing to Other Peoples' Calendars

7 Open the Google Calendar page

Open the Google Calendar page, log in to your Google account, click the arrow to the right of "Other calendars" and then choose "Add by URL" from the menu.

8 Paste the URL

Type or paste the URL of the calendar you wish to subscribe to into the URL field. You can insert HTML or iCalendar addresses into the URL field.

9 Check the Make the calendar publicly accessible box

Check the "Make the calendar publicly accessible" box if you want to make the new calendar public and then click the "Add Calendar" button to subscribe to the calendar.

10 Find and Subscribe to Interesting Calendars

11 Log in to your Google Calendar account

Log in to your Google Calendar account, click the arrow next to "Other calendars" and choose "Browse Interesting Calendars" from the menu to view other public Google calendars.

12 Click the Preview link

Click the "Preview" link next to an interesting calendar to view its events. The calendar opens in a preview box where you can choose the month and change the view to "Week" or "Month."

13 Click Close

Click "Close" to close the preview box and then click the "Subscribe" link next to the calendar to subscribe to it. You can subscribe to as many calendars as you want.

  • Other people can see your public calendars; make sure you don't divulge sensitive information when you make one of your calendars public.
  • If your calendar is private, use the options in the Private Address section to share it with specific people.
  • To make a calendar public, click the arrow to the right of the calendar, choose "Share this Calendar" from the menu and then check the "Make this calendar public" box. Click "Save."

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