How to Link a Cell in Excel to Outlook Calendar

Link your Outlook calendar to Excel so you can open it from a spreadsheet.
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You can link cells in Microsoft Excel to files saved in other programs, such as Word documents, PowerPoint slides or Outlook calendars. You must set up a calendar in Outlook first so you have a linkable object for your Excel spreadsheet. Double-click in the Excel cell and select "Open" to go right into your calendar.

1 Creating a Calendar

Open Outlook and select "Calendar" from the top menu bar. Create your calendar as desired, then click "File" and choose "Save Calendar" to save the file. Select "More Options" and enter the range of dates you wish to link to your Excel spreadsheet. If your calendar includes any attachments or private meetings, you must also click "Show" to display these items. Choose the iCalendar (.ics) format to save your file and enter a file name.

2 Excel Link

Launch Excel and select "File" from the menu. Click "Open" to open an existing worksheet or "New" to create a new file. Move your cursor to the cell to which you will be linking your calendar and click "Insert" then "Object." Choose "Create from file" and "Browse" to open the file explorer window. Locate the Outlook calendar file you saved earlier and click "OK" to create the link.

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