Silk is the default Web browser on your Kindle Fire. Like most other Web browsers, the Silk browser can save your favorite websites as bookmarks. To open a bookmarked website, all you need to do is display the bookmarks menu and then tap the page you want to visit. Furthermore, adding more bookmarks to the list takes just a few seconds. You can also delete unnecessary bookmarks.

Finding the Bookmarks in Amazon Silk

Launch the Silk Web browser and then tap the bookmark icon near the bottom of the screen to view your bookmarks. Tap the list or grid icon in the upper right corner of the screen to switch to list or grid view.

Adding and Deleting Bookmarks

Open the Web page you want to bookmark, tap the Menu icon (represented by three lines in a box) and then tap "Add bookmark." Change the name of the bookmark if necessary and then tap "OK" to add it to the bookmarks list. To delete a bookmark, display the bookmarks screen, hold on the bookmark and then tap "Delete." Tap "OK" to confirm.