You can look up an address on Bing Maps, then generate the code for the map widget to post on your blog or website using the Bing Share This Map tool. The Share This Map dialog box enables you to share a short link to your pinned location with others, such as posting it on social media sites or on your own website or even emailing it. First, look up the desired location on Bing Maps, then open the Share This Map dialog box to access the widget code and other options.

Step 1

Open Bing and type an address in the Search field, then click the “Search” icon.

Step 2

Click the Bing Maps entry for the address to open the map.

Step 3

Click the “Envelope” link in the top toolbar to open the Share This Map dialog box.

Step 4

Click the “Copy” button under the Embed In a Webpage field to copy the map widget code to your clipboard.

Step 5

Open the destination HTML page for the map widget, then right-click the point of insertion. Click “Paste” to paste the map code, then save the HTML page.


  • You are bound by the Bing Terms of Use when using the generated map widgets and links. Read the license agreement document by clicking the “Terms of Use" link at the bottom of the Share This Map dialog box.


  • To share the link to the map, click the “Copy” button under the Link field in the Share This Map dialog box. Paste the link in a document, email, text message or Web page.

  • Share the short link in the Link field on social media sites.