Adding a Google Calendar to Rainmeter

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Past Rainmeter installers came with the Enigma theme, which has a skin that shows you Google Calendar events. The current Rainmeter version as of December 2013 -- 3.0.2 only has the Illistro theme and lacks a Google Calendar skin. The Rainmeter site offers a free download of the Enigma theme so you can add a Google Calendar skin to your desktop regardless of your active Rainmeter theme.

1 Getting the Google Calendar Link

2 Go to the Google Calendar website

Go to the Google Calendar website (see Resources). Enter your Google account details if asked and click the "Sign In" button.

3 Hover your cursor over the calendar

Hover your cursor over the calendar you wish to add to Rainmeter under the My Calendars section on the sidebar. Click the small arrow icon next to the calendar to bring up a pop-up menu. Click "Calendar Settings."

4 Down and right click the XML button

Scroll down and right-click the "XML" button next to Private Address. Click "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Address" to copy the unique address of your Google Calender to the clipboard.

5 Adding the Google Calendar

6 Download the Enigma Suite installer

Download the Enigma Suite installer (see Resources) and launch it. Untick the "Apply included layout" check box and click the "Install" button to add the Enigma Suite to Rainmeter.

7 Right click the Rainmeter icon

Right-click the Rainmeter icon next to the clock on your taskbar and go to "Skins" followed by "Enigma" and "Options." Click "Options.ini" to launch the Enigma options.

8 Click the Book icon

Click the "Book" icon in the Enigma options window. Paste the Google Calendar address you copied earlier in to the "1st Calendar" field. Press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to apply the settings. Close the Enigma options window.

9 Right click the Rainmeter icon on your taskbar again

Right-click the Rainmeter icon on your taskbar again and go to "Skins," "Enigma," "Sidebar," "Reader" and finally "Gcal." Click "Gcal.ini" to add the Google Calendar.

  • Information in this article applies to Rainmeter 3.0.2 and Enigma 4. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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