How to Connect Two Laptops Using a Wireless LAN

You don't need a cable to connect two laptops.
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Although many people associate a wireless LAN with wireless Internet access, you can also use a wireless network to connect wireless laptop computers. Instead of using an external storage device or a cloud storage service to share the content between two laptops, you can use the HomeGroup feature in Windows. The feature enables you to choose the content on your laptop that you want to share, such as your Documents folder. After you activate the feature, another laptop can connect to your computer to access the content, and vice versa.

1 Start a New Homegroup

2 Move your cursor

Move your cursor to the lower right corner of the computer's screen.

3 Click the Settings'' charm

Click the "Settings" charm, and then select "Change PC Settings."

4 Select HomeGroup

Select "HomeGroup" from the list of options on the PC Settings screen to open the HomeGroup screen.

5 Click the Create'' button

Click the "Create" button, and then choose the devices and libraries that you want the other laptop to access.

6 Record the homegroup password

Record the homegroup password that is in the Membership box. You need the password to access the homegroup from the other laptop.

7 Connect to The Homegroup

8 Open the HomeGroup screen on the second laptop

Open the HomeGroup screen on the second laptop.

9 Enter the homegroup's

Enter the homegroup's password in the open field, and then click the "Join" button.

10 Choose the items

Choose the items that you want to share, such as your Music library and your printer.

11 Access Shared HomeGroup Items

12 Press the Ctrl-Esc keys

Press the "Ctrl-Esc" keys to open the Start screen, and then type "File Explorer."

13 Click the File Explorer

Click the "File Explorer" icon to open the File Explorer window.

14 Click Homegroup

Click "Homegroup," and then select the other laptop's user account to view its shared items.

15 Click the item

Double-click the item that you want to access, such as a folder or library.

  • Information in this article applies to Windows 8. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly with other versions of the program.
  • If the HomeGroup screen displays the Change Sharing Settings button instead of the Create button, you need to turn on the Sharing feature. Click the "Change Sharing Settings" button, and then select the "Yes, Turn on Sharing and Connect to Devices" option.
  • You can share specific files and folders with the homegroup. Open File Explorer, and then navigate to the item that you want to share. Click the file or folder, and then select the "Share" tab. Select the sharing option that you want to use from the "Share With" group. For example, if you want to give homegroup members the ability to access and edit your item, select the "Homegroup (View and Edit)" option.

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