How to Open an ICS File Into Google Calendar

Google can read data from other calendar applications using the iCalendar file format.
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Google's Calendar service is one of many applications that can make use of iCalendar data when importing other calendars or sharing its own. Calendar information from another application capable of generating iCalendar data might be added to a Google Calendar by uploading that information as an ICS file or by linking to it via the Internet. If the source of your calendar information creates iCalendar data that is saved to your hard drive as an ICS file, you will "import" it to Google Calendar. If the other calendar creates a Web URL pointing to its iCalendar information, you will "subscribe" to it in Google Calendar.

1 Importing an iCalendar (ICS) File

2 Click the down arrow

Click the down arrow beside the Other Calendars group in Google Calendar and select "Import Calendar."

3 Click the Browse button

Click the "Browse" button and locate the ICS file to be imported from your hard drive. If you have more than one calendar associated with your account, click the Calendar pop-up to select the destination for the imported ICS file.

4 Click Import .''

Click "Import." The events in the ICS file will be added to your Google calendar.

5 Subscribing to iCalendar (ICS) Information

6 Click the down arrow-2

Click the down arrow beside the Other Calendars group in Google Calendar and select "Add by URL."

7 Type

Type (or paste) the link to the online iCalendar information into the URL box.

8 Click the Add Calendar button

Click the "Add Calendar" button. The iCalendar data will be added to your Google Calendar and Google will regularly check this subscribed link for live updates.

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