How to Print From a Droid RAZR to an HP Printer

Print your favorite snapshots right from your Droid RAZR phone.
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HP's ePrint mobile printing app facilitates printing from your Motorola Droid RAZR to a local wireless HP printer. The app provides additional benefits when used with an ePrint-enabled HP printer -- you can send files to print from anywhere in the world, for example, and pre-configure your print settings --but you can also use it to with a printer that is not ePrint-enabled as long as both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. If your printer does not have wireless capabilities, try the Google Cloud Print or PrinterShare app instead.

1 HP ePrint Mobile Printing

2 Install the HP ePrint app

Install the HP ePrint app from the Google Play Store but do not launch it once installation is complete.

3 Open the element

Open the element you'd like to print -- open the Web page, for example, or view the photo.

4 Tap the Share icon

Tap the "Share" icon resembling a dot with two protruding lines -- and select "HP ePrint" from the available options.

5 Ensure the appropriate HP printer

Ensure the appropriate HP printer is selected for printing, modify your print settings as needed -- indicating your desired quantity of prints, for example -- and tap "Print."

6 Google Cloud Printing

7 Install the Google Chrome browser

Install the Google Chrome browser if it is not already installed on the computer connected to the printer. Launch the browser when installation is complete.

8 Click the menu icon

Click the menu icon at the upper-right corner of the browser window and select "Settings."

9 Click Show Advanced Settings and scroll

Click "Show Advanced Settings" and scroll to the section titled "Google Cloud Print."

10 Select Add Printers

Select "Add Printers" and follow the on-screen prompts to configure your existing printer. Once complete, you can select "Manage Print Settings" to readjust the default options.

11 Install the Google Cloud

Install the Google Cloud Print app on your Droid RAZR. Upon completion of installation, open the content you would like to print -- for example, launch your Gallery and view a photo.

12 Tap Share

Tap "Share" and select "Google Cloud Print" from the available options. Tap "Click Here to Print" to confirm.

13 PrinterShare Printing

14 Install the PrinterShare app

Install the PrinterShare app on your Droid RAZR and launch the app.

15 Tap Printer

Tap "Printer" and select "Nearby Printers." Allow the app a few moments to scan for and locate local devices.

16 Select the name

Select the name of the printer you'd like to configure and follow the on-screen prompts to set it up. During setup, you can select "Use Generic" for the driver if the app is unable to find the exact version for your HP printer.

17 Test the printer

Test the printer, if desired, to ensure your settings have been configured appropriately. Close the app.

18 Open the content

Open the content you would like to print and tap the "Share" icon. Select "PrinterShare" from the available options. Tap "Print" to confirm.

  • The HP ePrint Mobile app offers the most HP-specific features and connects you seamlessly with an HP printer, but does not offer remote printing if your printer is not ePrint-enabled. See Resources for a list of ePrint-compatible models.
  • The Google Cloud Printing and PrinterShare apps allow you to print to a non-ePrint printer even when your Droid RAZR is not actively using the same Wi-Fi network.
  • The free version of PrinterShare offers a limit of 20 daily prints -- though you can also use it to print unlimited copies through Google Cloud for free -- and only works with printers connected to Windows-based computers. Purchasing the in-app PrinterShare Premium Key permits unlimited printing and gets the feature working with any operating system.
  • Google Cloud Printing enables printing from any app on your phone, so you can print screenshots from your favorite game just as easily as you can print any file from its "Share" feature. PrinterShare, however, limits your printing capabilities to photos, contacts, calendar entries, messages, call log, email, Google Docs and other documents stored on your phone.

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