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Because the purpose of a raffle drawing is to raise money, you will want to cut your expenses as much as possible. You could go to a professional office supplier or print shop to generate your raffle tickets. But you can cut your expenses significantly if you make and print them on your own computer through a number of websites.

Visit a website

Visit a website that allows you to make raffle tickets online--Raffle Printer, The Paper Mill Store and The Paper Stock are a few examples.

Select a template for your raffle ticket

Select a template for your raffle ticket. Some websites such as Raffle Printer allow you create a template by uploading your own images.

Enter text

Enter text on the raffle ticket that includes the name of the item that is being raffled. Include the name of the organization conducting the raffle and the purpose of the raffle--"Jaguar Middle School's Mission Trip to Africa," for example. Include the ticket price, ticket number and date of the drawing. You also can include the date the winner will be notified.

Make another section

Make another section on your raffle ticket that can be cut or torn off. The second section of the raffle ticket will include your portion of the ticket that will be kept for the drawing. Your portion of the ticket should include the buyer's ticket number, name and contact information.

To ensure that it

View your raffle ticket to ensure that it appears the way you desire.

Print raffle tickets on quality card-stock paper

Print raffle tickets on quality card-stock paper, which can be purchased from your local office supplier.

Things Needed

  • ['Computer', 'Internet access', 'Card-stock paper', 'Printer']