How to Get a Picture From Someone's Timeline to My Timeline

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Posting other people's pictures to your timeline is part of the Facebook experience, but if you do it incorrectly you could offend a friend or even invoke the wrath of copyright lawyers. Facebook encourages you to post pictures from other timelines, but the company wants you to use the Share link so that the original poster gets credit and maintains control over the image. You can also copy an image and post it to your timeline without using the Share link, but you should first ask permission from the owner both as a courtesy and to avoid infringing on copyrights.

1 Use the Share Link

2 Navigate to the timeline containing the picture

Log in to Facebook and navigate to the timeline containing the picture you want to display on your own timeline.

3 Click the Share link beneath the picture

Click the "Share" link beneath the picture.

4 Select On Your Own Timeline

Select "On Your Own Timeline" from the sharing options.

5 Type

Type a caption or comment in the "Write Something" field if you want a short blurb to appear with the photo on your own timeline.

6 Activate the audience selection menu

Activate the audience selection menu and select a privacy setting such as "Public" or "Friends." This will control who can see it on your timeline. Keep in mind that If the original photo has a privacy setting of friends-only, none of your friends can see it on your timeline unless they are also friends with the original poster.

7 Click Share Photo .''

Click "Share Photo." A copy of the photo appears on your timeline, along with the original caption and a link to the timeline where the page was posted originally. A new comment thread opens on your timeline. If anyone clicks on the picture, however, she can view the comment thread from the original timeline.

8 Copy With Permission

9 Contact the owner

Contact the owner of the picture for permission to copy the image onto your own timeline. In most cases, ownership of a picture belongs to the original photographer, and that may not be the person who posted the image on his timeline. If the person who took the picture is a family member or close friend, verbal permission is probably okay. In other cases, try to get written permission; an email or Facebook private message will suffice as long as you keep a copy.

10 Log

Log in to Facebook and navigate to the timeline containing the picture.

11 Right click the picture

Right-click the picture and select "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As," depending on your browser. A file dialog box opens.

12 Navigate to the location on your computer

Navigate to the location on your computer where you want to save the image file, and then give the file a new name. Click "Save." Your browser saves the picture to your hard drive.

13 Navigate to your own timeline

Navigate to your own timeline, and then click the "Photo" option in the Status window where you add posts to your timeline.

14 Click Upload Photos/Video

Click "Upload Photos/Video," and then select the image file you saved to your hard drive.

15 Click Open to add the picture

Click "Open" to add the picture to your status update. A thumbnail image appears in the Status window. The picture will be larger when you actually post it.

16 Want to appear with the picture

Type any caption or comment that you want to appear with the picture, and then select a privacy setting for the update.

17 Click Post

Click "Post" to add the picture to your timeline.

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