How do I Fill a Border in Photoshop?

Increase the canvas size to create an instant border.

Unlike other photo editing apps, Adobe Photoshop doesn't have a built-in border option. However, this shouldn't stop you from quickly adding a border around any photo or artwork and filling it in with the color of your choice. Using layers, you can add a border to any photo. If your image already has a photo, you can fill it in without affecting the rest of the picture.

1 Adding a Colored Border

Increasing the canvas size on an image file instantly creates a white border around a picture. Before doing this, copy the image to the clipboard by pressing "Ctrl-C" on the keyboard. You can then click the "Image" menu, select "Canvas Size" and then increase both the "Width" and "Height" text fields to add a white border around the image. Select a color by clicking the "Set Foreground Color" swatch and then drag the "Rectangle Tool" across the entire canvas. When you press "Ctrl-V," the original image is pasted into the middle of the canvas with the colored border visible behind it.

2 Coloring an Existing Border

To color in a border that is already on a picture, use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to draw an outline around the picture inside the photo. Press "Ctrl-C" on the keyboard to copy the image. You can then use the Paintbrush Tool or Rectangular Marquee tool to color the border without worrying about coloring in the photo. When you're done, press "Ctrl-V" to paste the image over the colored background.

3 Disclaimer

Information in this article applies to Photoshop CC. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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