Revise auto-correct mistakes by editing your Facebook posts.

While Facebook activity -- like updates, Timeline posts and comments -- is immediately visible to anyone in your approved audience, you're not stuck with a typo or inappropriate comment once it's published. Any post can be edited or removed from Facebook any time after it goes live. A gray "Edited" link, which will appear to indicate change, can then be clicked to view a history of the post's revisions.

Revise or Remove Posts

Locate the erroneous status update, comment or Timeline post and mouse over it. Click the down-arrow or pencil icon that appears and select "Edit" to make text-based changes. Choose "Delete" to erase the post altogether. For Timeline posts and status updates, you'll also have the option to select "Change Date" or "Add Location" to modify the tagged data. Be sure to click "Post" when you're done making changes so the content is republished to your Timeline.

Revise or Remove Tags

In addition to the data and location tagging of a text-based post, you can also revise people tags that have been included with photos. If it's a photo you've uploaded, select "Edit" and then click the "X" on the tags you no longer want associated. To remove your name from another user's photo tags, open the photo in question, click the "Options" link on the image, and select "Report/Remove Tags." From here, you have two options: remove your name or report the photo to Facebook.