If several kids in your class have a backpack in the same color or style as you do, set yourself apart from the crowd with techniques and easy add-ons that will personalize it. You'll be able to grab the right bag quickly and demonstrate your personal style at the same time.

Express your artistic vision by using fabric paints to design a mini-mural on your backpack. You can also use opaque paint pens to doodle, autograph your bag or inscribe a favorite quote, song lyric or bits of movie dialogue.

Buy luggage tags in fun colors and use them to hold photos of your family, friends, pets or favorite bands. Secure them to the top handle or back buckles so they'll dangle from the bottom.

Affix metal buttons to the front that show your school spirit, reveal favorite characters, catch phrases, music artists and celebrities. You can also affix cool patches with stitching, safety pins or brads.

Personalize the backpack zipper pulls by hanging your own items with vibrant ribbon or sleek bead chain. Try metal charms, small wood initials or tags decorated with messages, tiny photos, stickers or doodles.

Add touches to express your fashion flair. Use self-adhesive gems to create patterns or tie a scarf to the strap to coordinate with your outfit, for instance.


  • To save time, order a backpack with your initials embroidered on it. A monogram is safer than using your first name, which child predators might see and use as they pretend to know you (see Resources).