Christian Activities & Games About Kindness

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Teaching kids about kindness and compassion in obedience to God is important in their spiritual growth. You can teach kindness by incorporating the lesson into Christian games or activities that everyone can enjoy. You can choose from a few different options that all emphasize kindness and how it is pleasing to God.

1 Memory Verse Game

You can teach the kids a memory verse game on Colossians 3:12, which exhorts Christians to "clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." Write words such as "compassion" or "kindness" on a piece of masking tape and stick the tape to pieces of outer clothing, such as a hat or coat. Put these clothes in two piles and then read the Bible verse to the kids and have them repeat it several times. Divide them into two teams. Have each team send someone up to put on all the outer wear, repeating the name of the character trait on it as they put it on. The first team to have all its members do this is the winner.

2 Kindness Tees

Get the kids' creative juices flowing by giving them an art project. You'll need some plain T-shirts, fabric paint, pieces of cardboard, paper plates, potatoes or apples for stamping, tape and stencils with enough letters for words like "kindness" or "compassion." Stretch the T-shirts over the cardboard and secure in back with the tape. Give the kids the stencils and let them trace the letters with a pencil. Pour fabric paint into the paper plates and let the kids stamp the inside of the letters using the paint and the carrot or potato to have it resemble a mosaic.

3 Showing Kindness

Give kids a real-life lesson in kindness. Instruct them to gather old toys and clothes they don't play with or use anymore and would like to give away. Take the whole family to a thrift store to donate the items. Everyone should donate some possessions. Talk to the children about what happens to these items, and read to them Luke 14:12-14 and discuss with them how Jesus treated the poor, and how God expects them to treat others who are less fortunate.

4 Kindness Paper Chain

Write the name of each child in the class on paper strips, making enough for each child in the class to have everyone's name. Call out a name and instruct the children to write something positive about that person beside the name. When they're done, pass the strips to the children whose names are on them. They can use glue to create paper chains of their strips.

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