Cute Ways to Give a Love Note

Cute love notes convey adoration for your sweetheart.
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Love notes let your boyfriend or girlfriend know how much you care. They are a safe way to convey loving feelings -- especially if you're somewhat bashful about verbalizing how you feel about your sweetheart. A variety of adorable ways exist to create and send a love note, and a love note is a sure way to keep your romance alive.

1 Scented Sentiments

Write your beloved a love note and spray it with perfume or cologne. As she reads you romantic sentiments, it will seem like you are right there. Another variation is to leave 11 roses or other flowers on the seat of her car or in her locker with a love note. Complete the dozen by presenting the last rose when you see her in person, according to "Love Letters," on Romantic

2 Sticky Sentiments

Write love notes on sticky notes. Place them inside the sun visor of his car, in his locker or gym bag or inside his computer bag or school book bag. It may be a while before he notices, but it will be worth the effort to make his day.

3 Puzzled Love

Create a love note puzzle by gluing a love letter to a thin piece of cardboard and cutting it out into individual puzzle pieces, according to the Reader's Digest article, "40+ Creative Romantic Ideas." Mail your special someone the puzzle to put together or create suspense by mailing one piece at a time.

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