How to Move Pictures Around on Pinterest Boards

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Pinterest boards are arranged chronologically, displaying the picture of the most recently-added pin at the top left of the board with the oldest pin's picture at the bottom right of the board. Pinterest does not allow you to manually rearrange the order of your pins, so moving a picture around within the same board requires you to delete the old pin and re-add it to the board. The re-added pin will then appear at the top of the board until you add more pins to the same board.

1 Visit Pinterest

Visit Pinterest and click on your account name in the top right-hand corner to view the drop-down menu. Click "Your Profiles & Pins" and click on the specific board title that you wish to edit.

2 Locate the pin

Locate the pin you want to move to the top of your list and click the Pencil icon, which appears on the upper right-hand corner of the pin. An Edit Pin pop-up box displays.

3 Right click within the Source field

Right-click within the Source field and click "Select All" if the pin you want to rearrange originates on the Internet. Right-click again and select "Copy" to copy the source's URL. If you originally uploaded the pin's picture from your own computer, the Source field will be blank, so make sure you still have the image saved to your computer before deleting the pin.

4 Click the Delete Pin'' button

Click the "Delete Pin" button, then "Delete Pin" again, to return to your board's main page.

5 Click Add Pin

Click "Add Pin" and click "The web" if your pin's source is online. Right-click within the empty field and click "Paste" to display the source's URL. Click "Next" and choose which picture you want displayed with your pin. Alternatively, if the image is on your computer, click "Your Computer" and click "Choose Image" to locate your file, then click "Open." Whether you paste a URL or upload a photo, you will be prompted to enter a description. Click "Pin It" to add the pin to your board.

  • If you want to move two pins -- for example, to the top of your board -- delete and re-add the pins in the reverse order of how you want the pins to appear on your board. First delete and re-add the pin you want to appear second on the board so you can then delete and re-add the pin you want to appear first on your board.

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