Eighty percent of Pinterest users are women.

Pinterest enables you to save interesting pictures and videos from the Internet by pinning them; you can also share your pins with other people. You can unpin items from your Pinterest account if you no longer need them. Note that you can delete a single pin at a time or, although you can't delete all your pins at once, you can delete an entire board. When you delete a board, all its pins are permanently deleted.

Delete Single Pins

The pin

Log in to your Pinterest account and locate the pin you wish to remove.


Mouse over the pin and click the "Edit" button that appears on the pin.

Click the Delete Pin button

Click the "Delete Pin" button and then click the red "Delete Pin" button to permanently delete the pin.

Delete Entire Boards

The board

Log in to your Pinterest account and navigate to the board you wish to delete.

Click the Edit Board

Click the "Edit Board" button to start editing the board.

Click the Delete Board button and then click Delete Board

Click the "Delete Board" button and then click "Delete Board" to delete the board permanently.


  • Although you can't recover deleted pins, you can re-pin specific pictures and videos at any time.


  • Deleting pins is a permanent action; you can't recover deleted pins.