How to Unpin in Pinterest

Eighty percent of Pinterest users are women.
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Pinterest enables you to save interesting pictures and videos from the Internet by pinning them; you can also share your pins with other people. You can unpin items from your Pinterest account if you no longer need them. Note that you can delete a single pin at a time or, although you can't delete all your pins at once, you can delete an entire board. When you delete a board, all its pins are permanently deleted.

1 Delete Single Pins

2 The pin

Log in to your Pinterest account and locate the pin you wish to remove.

3 Click

Mouse over the pin and click the "Edit" button that appears on the pin.

4 Click the Delete Pin button

Click the "Delete Pin" button and then click the red "Delete Pin" button to permanently delete the pin.

5 Delete Entire Boards

6 The board

Log in to your Pinterest account and navigate to the board you wish to delete.

7 Click the Edit Board

Click the "Edit Board" button to start editing the board.

8 Click the Delete Board button and then click Delete Board

Click the "Delete Board" button and then click "Delete Board" to delete the board permanently.

  • Deleting pins is a permanent action; you can't recover deleted pins.
  • Although you can't recover deleted pins, you can re-pin specific pictures and videos at any time.

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