How to Unhide Posts or Pics on Facebook Using Your iPhone

The iPhone's Facebook app offers convenient account settings.
... Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

IPhone's Facebook mobile app offers a different interface from the standard browser-based experience, but it enables many of the same features, such as hiding posts and photos on your news feed. If you later reconsider your selective censorship, the app enables you to redisplay the hidden elements through the Activity Log. However, before you can locate hidden items, you'll need to filter the summary page to display only posts you've hidden.

Tap the upper left menu button, indicated by three horizontal lines, and select your profile name.

Swipe the navigator bar, which contains titles such as "About," "Photo" and "Friends," to the left and tap "Activity Log."

Tap "Filter" and then select "Posts You've Hidden" to display posts and photos you previously hid.

Tap the right drop-down arrow next to any entry and select "Show on Timeline" to unhide the post or picture.