Pinterest enables you to share and organize things you like from the Web or from your computer by pinning them on your boards. To save an image from the Web, you must use the URL of the Web page that contains the image. Note that if you pin an image from the Web, users will be redirected to its Web page when they click it. If you like images pinned by other people on their boards, you can save them on your hard drive.

Save Images and URLs on Pinterest

Step 1

Log in to Pinterest, click the "+" button and then click "Upload a Pin" if you want to upload a pin from your computer or "Add from a website" if you want to save an image from a website.

Step 2

Click "Choose Image" and then select the image you would like to save on one of your Pinterest boards, if you chose to upload a file from your computer. In case you want to save something from the Web, paste the URL of the page into the field and then click "Next."

Step 3

Select the board you want to use to store the pin from the "Board" drop-down menu; optionally, enter a short description into the Description box. If you chose to save something from the Web, click the image you want to pin and then choose the board and enter the description.

Step 4

Check the "Post to Facebook" box if you linked your Pinterest account to your Facebook account to post the image on Facebook automatically. Click "Pin it" to save the image.


  • Images on Pinterest may be copyrighted. You can save copyrighted images on your computer, but you are prohibited from distributing them or using them on Web sites.


  • To pin an image from a Web page, click the "+" button, choose "Add from a website," type or paste the URL of the page and then click "Next" to view all images on the page. Click the image you want to pin, select a board, enter a description and click "Pin It."

  • You can save images from Pinterest by right-clicking them and choosing to save them on your hard disk. Optionally, change the name of the image and pick a different destination folder.

  • To create a new board, click your name, choose "Your Profile and Pins" from the menu and then click the "Create a board" button.

  • You can make individual pins, or an entire board, secret if you don't want to share your images with other Pinterest users. You can make the images visible again later.