What Is the Microphone for With Kindle?

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The purpose of microphone may not be readily apparent for an Amazon Kindle, which is primarily thought of as a reading device. However, Kindle models that have a built-in mic can use it for a variety of purposes. These functions range from amusing to extremely handy and are available for both personal and work-related use.

1 Which Kindle Models Have a Microphone?

Although the 2010 Kindle model contains a microphone as part of its hardware, according to Amazon, the mic isn’t actually a useable feature. Similarly, the first generation Kindle Fire supports an external microphone via the audio input jack, but it does not have its own internal mic. The Kindle Fire HD was the first Kindle device to have a functional, built-in microphone.

2 Dictation and Audio Notes

The dictation apps available on the Amazon Appstore allow you to compose speech-to-text notes and documents. You can also use your Kindle microphone to record voice memos as well as audio from business meetings or class lectures. You can save these files and share or transfer them as necessary, making the Kindle a convenient tool for remote productivity.

3 Voice-related Apps

The Kindle Fire HD’s microphone supports Google Voice and similar communication software. You can also use it to control your device with a virtual assistant app such as Speaktoit Assistant. Using this feature, you can open apps, conduct searches and perform a myriad of other tasks without touching the device.

4 Games and Entertainment

Games such as “Heads Up” require you to make voice recordings, and in games like “Balloonimals” you have to blow into the microphone to perform certain actions. The song-recognition app Shazam uses Kindle’s microphone to listen to the music you’re trying to identify. Various voice-changing and editing apps also require use of the microphone.

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