How to Record Your Screen With a Webcam

Webcams can show off your PC as well as help protect it.
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Your webcam records what’s happening in front of your computer so you can share expressions and thoughts on video calls or blogs. You can also use your webcam or its software to record the content played on your screen. Since most recording software allows you to capture your screen without a webcam, using a webcam to record your screen likely involves special case scenarios such as protecting your PC.

1 Take Aim

The most direct way to record your computer screen with your webcam is to point the webcam directly at your screen. This is easiest with USB and wireless webcams. This technique is useful when trying to diagnose PC problems that involve external input -- such as typing -- being improperly understood by your PC. If your webcam is mounted inside of your PC, you can use mirrors to provide it with the desired view of your screen.

2 Dual Screens

Programs from Apowersoft, Camtasia and Screencast-o-matic (links in Resources) enable you to record both the video from your webcam and what’s happening on your screen at the same time. This can improve the effectiveness of your tutorials, especially those that might need a gesture or would benefit from your facial expressions. This is a popular method for video blogging or showing off, especially when the topic is gaming.

3 Multiple Recorders

In some cases, you won’t need to use your webcam itself to record your screen, but you can use its software. Programs like the Debut Video Capture Software, Screen Recording Suite and BSR Screen Recorder (links in Resources) provide tools to control your webcam or record your screen. They also allow you to combine video from both sources and switch between your screen and webcam as you record your video.

4 Home Security

One trend in webcam and screen recording is to create a home security system. Webcams can be configured to record what’s happening in front of them or on the screen when they detect motion or even sounds, thanks to programs like iSpy, Active WebCam and WebCam Monitor (links in Resources). These apps also allow your webcam to broadcast what it sees or what is happening on your screen through the Web to a private video feed that you create in order to monitor your home and equipment.

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