How to Import Outlook Notes Into Gmail

For many, Outlook notes serve as an invaluable alternative to traditional sticky notes.
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If you have recently updated from an Outlook client to a new email using Gmail, you may find your old notes are missing. Luckily, Google recognizes the importance of migrating from one system to the other, and has developed a tool to help you get your notes into Gmail. To accomplish this, you have to make sure your mail is stored in a local PST file.

1 Preparing Outlook

Before you import your notes, you must have your notes converted to a local PST file. This is only important for users that have used Outlook in conjunction with an Exchange server. To get your notes off the server, you have to go into the Outlook Data File option under “More Items” in the Home tab. Once you’ve created and named the data file, remember the location of that file on your computer. In your Outlook window, you can now copy your notes to the new file by clicking and dragging in the left-hand pane.

2 Importing From Outlook

Google makes the Google Apps Migration program for Outlook. After you download and install this app (see Resources), you can run the program and import from a PST. Open the program and navigate to the location of the PST file containing your Outlook notes, ensuring “Notes, Journal Entries and Tasks” has a check box next to it when prompted. After the sync, Google will place the notes into a special folder on Google Drive.

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