Unlike your computer or an Android-based tablet, the iPad does not include a file browser, so you can't search your device for files to upload from within the Dropbox app. You can still transfer your files, but you need to first open them using another app that can read them. The only exception is for photos and videos, which Dropbox can upload directly.

Uploading Files to Dropbox

To transfer a file to your Dropbox, you need to open it in another app. For example, to upload a text document, load it in a text editor. Tap the "Share" icon, resembling an arrow exiting a square. Press "Open in Dropbox" and then tap "Save" to pick a destination folder in Dropbox. Note that not every app on iOS includes the "Share" button.

Uploading Photos and Videos

Dropbox offers two ways to transfer photos and videos from your iPad. To automatically copy these types of media to Dropbox, tap "Settings" and "Camera Upload," and then turn the "Camera Upload" option on. If you'd rather pick individual items to transfer, tap the ellipsis icon in the Dropbox app, pick "Upload" and select the items from the iPad's gallery.