How to Transfer Army Reserve Units

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Transferring from one Army Reserve unit to another is a simple process. As long as your current unit is not scheduled for an overseas deployment in the near future, your commander will approve your transfer. A transfer from one unit to another can be completed in one to two weeks.

1 Locate the Army Reserve unit

Locate the Army Reserve unit that you'd like to transfer to, and meet with a recruiter from that unit. Your recruiter will provide you with the DD Form 368 - Request for Conditional Release, and find a slot for you in the unit.

2 Submit the DD 368

Submit the DD 368 to the commander of your current unit for approval. The commander may want to meet with you to discuss the reasons for requesting a transfer. This is just a formality. Unless you have orders for deployment, your request most likely will be granted.

3 Is approved

Out-process your current unit once your request for transfer is approved. You must turn in all your issued items to supply and complete the items on your unit-specific out-processing checklist.

4 Meet with your recruiter

Meet with your recruiter and join your new Army Reserve unit. You will fill out paperwork to join the unit, and be sworn into the unit by a military officer.

5 Attend drills and other training sessions with your new Army Reserve unit

Attend drills and other training sessions with your new Army Reserve unit.

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