How to Sell 50-50 Raffle Tickets. We often need to raise money for various causes--it can be for a church function, a school project, bowling leagues and little league, but the bottom line is that you raise money. Selling 50/50 raffle tickets is one of the most popular ways to raise money for your favorite organization. The reason is that everyone has a chance of winning. The following will help you sell 50/50 raffle tickets.

Make the 50/50 raffle tickets. You can buy the material to make the 50/50 raffle tickets or you can just buy the tickets themselves. The tickets are inexpensive and you will cover the cost in the first batch of raffle tickets that you sell. There are a couple of sites where you can buy them on the Internet listed in the resource section.

Set a price. You can charge 50 cents for one raffle ticket and three for a dollar and even charge 5 dollars for an arm length. Other places charge one dollar for one raffle ticket, three for two dollars, and seven for five dollars.

Sell the raffle tickets and collect the money. Add up the amount you have collected and divide it in half. One half goes to the winner and the other half to the organization. Alternatively, you can have more than one winner. You may give the first winner half minus five dollars, which could go to the second winner. Nothing is written in stone, you can make your own rules.

Draw the ticket. You can have anyone draw the ticket but one way to do it is to have the previous winner pull the ticket. Otherwise, just ask anyone randomly to pull it out.

Give the money to the winner and make sure you post it somewhere so people can see the name of the person and the amount they have won.

Relax until next week. Most 50/50 tickets are sold weekly. When the drawing is complete you have until next week to begin the process of selling 50/50 raffle tickets all over again.


  • Make sure your customers know what they can possibly win when they buy the tickets. Although the normal pricing of 50/50 tickets is fifty cents for one and three for a dollar, you can make your own pricing structure. 50/50 raffle tickets are sold in large quantities so you shouldn't need to buy them very often. After the first batch, when you are getting low on tickets set some money aside to purchase them.


  • Don't forget anyone. Just because they haven't bought the raffle tickets before doesn't mean they won't buy one now. Some people just haven't been asked.