How to Scatter Ashes on the Coast

Choose an appropriate location that held meaning for the deceased.

Cremation is chosen by many people over traditional burial. One reason for this is that it allows those who are left behind to scatter the ashes of their loved one in a place that holds special meaning. If you choose to scatter your loved one's ashes in a coastal area, take the time to properly plan for scattering the ashes.

Plan for the ceremony to scatter the ashes well ahead of time. Consider locations that held special meaning for the deceased. Choose a time at sunrise or sunset to hold the ceremony. Pick a private location that will not interfere with others.

Consult with local, state and federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency. Determine any permits, fees or specific regulations that apply to scattering ashes along the coast.

Arrange for the ashes to be scattered by plane. Use this method when regulations do not allow for scattering of ashes through the air along the coast.

Charter a boat that specializes in scattering ceremonies. Consult with a funeral director for information concerning how to charter a boat that offers the service.

Scatter the ashes in a manner so they will be readily dispersed by the wind or water. Choose a time when there is sufficient wind to carry the ashes over a wide area. Scatter the ashes onto the water when the tide is going out rather than coming in.

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