How to Renew Vehicle Registration at WalMart

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Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world, is constantly expanding into new markets. They now sell gas and large home appliances as well as provide travel services. Recently, the retail giant has even started allowing customers to renew their vehicle registration in some of the stores. This may be a welcomed convenience for some, allowing them an escape from long waiting lines at the department of motor vehicles office. Now many people can renew their vehicle registration while they pick up a gallon of milk and a tube of toothpaste. These tips will show you how to renew your vehicle registration at your local Wal-Mart store.

1 Be a resident

Be a resident of a participating state. Wal-Mart started the vehicle registration renewal program in Arkansas where its headquarters are located. However, the company has talked about developing contracts to expand the program to other areas as well. Ask at your local Wal-Mart store to find out if they are a participating member of the program.

2 Receive your notice for renewal in the mail

Receive your notice for renewal in the mail. You will need it to renew your registration at Wal-Mart.

3 Enter the necessary information from your renewal notice

Enter the necessary information from your renewal notice into the computer in the renewal kiosk at your participating Wal-Mart store. The kiosks are typically located in the automotive department.

4 Print your renewal invoice from the kiosk

Print your renewal invoice from the kiosk. Once you have entered your information into the kiosk as prompted, your vehicle records will be retrieved. You will be asked to confirm your intent to renew your vehicle registration. Once you have confirmed your intent, the computer will print an invoice for you to use.

5 Take the printed renewal invoice printed to any register

Take the printed renewal invoice to any register. Finish your shopping. When you check-out, give the clerk your invoice to scan. You will be charged your registration fee along with your other purchases. The clerk will then give you back the invoice to use for printing your new registration certificate.

6 Scan the invoice bar code at the kiosk

Scan the invoice bar code at the kiosk you used to print the invoice. It will now show that you have paid your renewal fee. It will print your new vehicle registration certificate accompanied by the necessary annual renewal stickers to place on your vehicle's license plate.

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