How to Become a Bolivian Citizen

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Acquiring Bolivian citizenship requires time and attention to detail. You must obtain a special permit to enter the country (you cannot use a tourist visa to travel there for citizenship). You must also be aware of several fees and special documentation which are required for your residency visas and citizenship application. Please note that dual American-Bolivian citizenship is not recognized in Bolivia, so becoming a citizen of Bolivia requires that you renounce your American citizenship.

1 Obtain a Specific Purpose Visa

Obtain a Specific Purpose Visa. This visa will allow you to enter Bolivia for the purpose of gaining residency. Apply for this visa at the Bolivian embassy in the United States. You will need: - A sworn statement for the visa application - A money order for $85 - An introduction letter, written in Spanish, explaining why you want to go to Bolivia - Proof of economic solvency (bank or credit card statement) - Passport size photo - Copy of your yellow fever vaccine certification (obtain this before you apply) - A copy of your hotel reservation or a letter of invitation from the people you will be staying with (in Spanish, and it has to have their address, phone number, and signature on it) - Your current passport (must be valid for at least six months after the date of application) - An envelope with your return address and postage

2 Open a bank account in Bolivia

Open a bank account in Bolivia. This is a prerequisite to obtaining a visa for two-year residency.

3 Obtain a 2-year temporary residency visa

Obtain a 2-year temporary residency visa. This will cost $286 for people aged 18 or over. For people younger than 18, this will cost $141. Obtain a Bolivian identification card as well; this will cost $50.

4 Reside in Bolivia

Reside in Bolivia for at least two years.

5 Apply for citizenship and permanent residency

Apply for citizenship and permanent residency. The application for citizenship costs $874. The application for permanent residency costs $570. You will also need a special identification card which is only available for permanent residents. The fee for this card is $55.

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