How to Put a Charm Spell on My Necklace

Charming a necklace requires no tools beyond the power of your mind.

"Charming" an object involves turning something into an amulet or a talisman. A talisman is a naturally-created object such as a stone, and an amulet is an object that was created or acquired for a specific purpose. Objects can be charmed or charged with energy and used to help manifest changes or help protect you from harm caused by outside energies. Charming an object requires no tools, but concentration and a relaxed mind.

Set up the candle and incense in a quiet space, as close to nature as possible. Following this procedure outdoors; using a rock to hold your candle and incense would be perfect. You must be comfortable and capable of clearing your mind and engaging in intense concentration.

Light the candle and incense and clear your mind for five to ten minutes. Concentrate on relaxation and open your mind to the sounds (or lack thereof) surrounding you.

Clear and release any negative energy or frustration you may feel by visualizing a white, healing light encompassing your body. It is important to be in the right frame of mind to charm your talisman or amulet.

Hold the item in both hands and concentrate on the qualities with which you wish to charge the object. If you want it to protect you from outside energy sources, concentrate on an image of the object repelling that energy. If you would like it to bring you luck or other attributes, imagine the changes you would like to see happen.

Hold your hand over the item and, without touching the object "rub" it three times in a clockwise direction. While you do this, say something like "I cleanse and purify this object, casting out any impurities found within. I bless and consecrate this item so it may do the work I necessitate" Feel free to change this statement around and into your own words. It is the thought and the act of saying the phrase out loud, not the exact words, that counts.

Fasten the necklace around your neck, take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed, and snuff out the candle and incense.

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