How to Tell If a Spell Has Been Cast on You

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How to tell if a spell has been cast on you is not a glittery or showy event as demonstrated on television or in fiction. An infinite number of spells and spell casters exist. A spell may have a sudden impact on a person’s health and livelihood or it may have a gradual impact. Without knowing the spell that is cast or the intent, being able to tell if a spell has been cast on you is impossible. If you suspect a negative intent spell is cast upon you, then you may use the following ritual and your own faith to counteract the negativity.

1 Cling to your faith

Cling to your faith. Your faith is your first line of defense against anything negative being cast upon you. Meditate and pray upon the symbols of your faith and envision your faith wrapping around you like armor.

2 Perform an elemental cleansing

Perform an elemental cleansing. The elements of earth, air, fire and water are potent symbols in most forms of ritual magic. By combining the four elements, you can cleanse your spiritual and physical forms and generally shed the excess magic.

3 Cleanse with earth and water

Cleanse with earth and water. This is easily done in a shower. You combine earth and water for this cleansing by washing thoroughly with soap and then using a pumice stone to smooth the skin. Gently scrub the surface of your skin with the pumice and envision washing and smoothing away the parts affected by negative magic. Be careful not to tear or damage the skin.

4 Cleanse with air and fire

Cleanse with air and fire. Use scented candles as this combines air with fire. Once you have cleansed yourself, light a candle of pleasing and cleansing scent. Vanilla is usually best for this, but you can choose sandalwood. Light the candle and let the flame consume the vapors that remain of the negative spell.

5 Meditate on the candle for 30 minutes

Meditate on the candle for 30 minutes, inhaling the pleasant scent and letting it permeate through the pores. Repeat this ritual cleansing once per week until you believe the ill effects of the negative spell have past.

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