How to See Your Own Aura

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An aura is an energy field that surrounds every living thing. People who can see auras believe that the aura colors represent different things, and to be able to see auras enables them to manipulate energy fields for better health and stability. You don't need to be psychic or especially gifted to see auras. You can train yourself to do it and with practice, you too can determine the color of your energy field.

1 Sit facing a mirror

Sit facing a mirror. Get into a relaxed and meditative state. Close your eyes and breathe deeply until you are completely relaxed. Have soft, indirect lighting around you and a plain undecorated wall behind you to prevent distraction.

2 Open your eyes

Open your eyes slowly and look at your reflection in the mirror.

3 Let your eyes

Let your eyes go somewhat out of focus and gaze at the area around your body in the mirror, not directly at yourself.

4 Begin to see a glowing light

You should begin to see a glowing light around your body. You may not see colors but as you practice this should come. If you lose the aura, relax and breath and try to adjust your eyes again.

5 Once you have mastered this

Once you have mastered this, try to see the aura around your hands. Stand with your back to a light source facing a darker room. Bring your fingertips together and slowly pull your hands apart. Keep your eyes focused softly on the space between your fingertips to see the white energy "streaks" between your fingertips. This is another great way to train your eyes and mind to see not only your own aura, but the aura of all living things.