List of Real Wizard Spells

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Magic doesn’t work the way it does in the movies. “Magic is the use of natural forces to bring about needed changes,” says Wiccan author Scott Cunningham. These changes are subtle, manifesting as natural parts of your life rather than radical supernatural changes. You will probably never make objects float with a sweep of your hand or make flames sprout from your fingertips. You can, however, use magic for things like protecting yourself from negative spiritual forces and encouraging good fortune your way.

1 Protection Bottle

This spell uses earth magic for protection. Wash and dry a glass bottle thoroughly then find an open plot of ground. Scrape away the sod and loosen the soil beneath. Sit for a few moments with the bottle in one hand and the other hand on the soil, focusing on the purpose of protection. Fill the bottle to the top with the soil, cap the bottle and set it near your door inside the house. The earth element is seen as a strong, nurturing force and will prevent negative and evil forces from entering your home.

2 Powers of Concentration

Concentration is important for any kind of magic (it’s also helpful for studying) and this spell helps you do it. Go out to an open field or empty beach early in the morning on a foggy day. The fog should be so thick you can barely see (stick close to home for safety’s sake). Stand in the fog and feel its moist, thick energies swirling around you. Choose a spot in the fog at eye level and stare at it. The goal is to create a hole about the size of a silver dollar that tunnels into the fog. Don’t try to force it to happen, just relax your eyes and focus gently on your purpose.

3 Reverse Negative Intentions

Magical practitioners can attract destructive spiritual forces. To send these forces back to the source, gather a small round mirror, two candle holders, a black candle, a white candle, a knife and matches. Lean the mirror against a wall and set the black candle in front of it. Place the white candle where it won’t be reflected and light it; it will protect you during the spell. Light the black candle, focusing on pushing the negative forces away from you, whispering a chant like “Send the evil back,” or “Push this evil away from me.” After about an hour, snuff the candle with the blade of the knife. Repeat this spell as necessary.

This spell is not for sending evil forces toward people you don’t like. It is to redirect evil and negativity back to the sender only. Misusing magic could result in bad fortune.

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