How to Cleanse Yourself Using White Sage

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If you're into the new age healing techniques or are interested but don't know where to start, here's a little something to get you started. This is the first cleansing ritual I learned to do and made me what to learn more. It's very easy and, if done properly, will make you feel a lot better. It's done to help cleanse yourself of any negative energy surrounding or on you.

1 Sit down someplace

Sit down someplace where it's quiet and you won't be interrupted.

2 Put some white sage into a bowl and light

Put some white sage into a bowl and light it on fire.

3 Blow out the fire

Blow out the fire so that all you have is smoke coming from the sage.

4 Cup your hands together

Cup your hands together, like you would to catch water coming from a tap, and gather the smoke.

5 ' Wash'

'Wash' yourself with the smoke by moving it all around your body (like you would do a wash cloth while bathing). While doing this repeat to yourself something about getting rid of negative energy and envision a white light starting to surround you fighting off the negative energy. I usually say, "Release me from any negative energy around or on me." or "Let the white light cleanse me of any negative energy." Find something that you're comfortable with and repeat it while 'washing' yourself.

6 Continue with this

Continue with this until you feel 'cleansed' (you should start to feel lighter).