The Healing Properties of Mystic Fire Topaz

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For thousands of years, fire topaz has been believed to have mystical, powerful and healing properties in many cultures, ranging from the Egyptians to the ancient Greeks. It is a hard gemstone that is easily breakable, and should be treated with care. For those who wear fire topaz or keep it close to them, it is believed to be able to protect against harm, heal disturbing emotions and strengthen faith and spirituality.

1 How to Benefit from Fire Topaz

In order to benefit from the healing, magical and mystical properties of fire topaz, it must be worn on the body, or kept close. It can be set in a ring, necklace, pendant, key chain or bracelet. You can place it under your pillow while you sleep, in your work desk or even next to an armchair in your living room.

2 Fire Topaz Legends

The Egyptians, Romans and ancient Greeks believed fire topaz to be powerful and protecting because it was associated with the sun god. According to legend, topaz promoted eyesight and strength and cleared troubles and emotions from the mind.

3 Magical Properties of Fire Topaz

Some believe that fire topaz has magical properties, including protection from disease, negative energy and envy. It is believed to release negative emotions such as depression and fear. It is purported to heal, help with weight loss and even improve your love life.

4 Mystical Properties of Fire Topaz

Fire topaz is believed to help you build a stronger connection to your faith, religion or spirituality. The stone helps open the hearts of those who are around it, while protecting those whose hearts are too trusting. The mystical properties of a fire topaz gemstone depends also on the color of the topaz. For example, if a fire topaz contains blue, it is believed to help balance the emotions. Gold brings wealth and power. Green offers protection from harm and balances out negative thoughts. Red promotes trust and an open heart.

5 Healing Properties of Fire Topaz

Some believe that fire topaz stimulates the metabolism and digestion and improves the sense of taste. It is said to be able to help regulate blood flow, ease tension and the pain of certain diseases, heal blood disorders and damaged tissue, reverse the aging process and inspire artistic strength. It can also strengthen the thyroid gland and increase the metabolism. It is said to even help people after they die, as it helps them in moving onto the next life.