Some believe that everyone possesses psychic abilities to varying degrees.

Most people are skeptical of others claiming to be psychic---having the ability to see into the future or to witness paranormal activity. Julia Jablonski, professional clairvoyant, believes that everyone inherently has some varying degree of psychic ability. She compares it to the ability to draw or play sports; everyone is capable, but without practice, the ability varies with each person. With enough patience, practice and determination, anyone can become an artist or athlete. Jablonski says that psychic visions are no different and has created an outline to help develop your inherent psychic abilities.

Meditate. Meditation is the practice of focusing one's energy on complete awareness. Practice meditating in a quiet room by yourself. Allow yourself to shut out mundane thoughts and worries of the day and focus on that exact moment instead.

Perfect your inner vision. Pick an object at random in your home. Study the object in your hands. Be aware of its subtle intricacies, as well as its general appearance and feel. Close your eyes and picture the object. Remember the intricacies. Open your eyes and repeat this exercise until the picture in your mind matches exactly the object in front of you.

Envision color. Close your eyes and picture the different colors of the rainbow, one by one. For example, picture nothing but red, then picture objects that are red, and return to simply the color red. Repeat this with the rest of the colors of the rainbow: orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Picture your child or significant other. Close your eyes and picture that person's face, trying to imagine every little detail.

Picture a close relative, someone who you don't see on a daily basis but remains close in your life. Jablonski suggests asking to yourself how that person feels or what that person is doing and allow yourself to perceive the answer as it comes. She says to ignore the rational part of your brain, and don't allow yourself to guess based on factors you may already know. Allow the different perceptions to take place whether they come in colors relating to feelings, symbols or pictures.

Repeat these exercises to become better at perceiving feelings and energies. Ask different questions; the more you care about the answer, the more energy is involved.


  • Each person perceives things differently. Some people work best with images, others with sound and still others with feelings.


  • Practicing these steps will greatly enhance your ability to perceive images and situations, but there is no definitive proof that you will be able to experience highly psychic abilities.