How to Communicate with Spirits by Mirror Gazing

Use a mirror to talk to spirits.

Mirror gazing, also called scrying, is a form of communicating with spirits that has been around for hundreds of years. It is reputed to be the method engaged by the great foreseer Nostradamus himself. Simply put, it is the practice of gazing into a mirror in a completely relaxed state. This can be performed with a variety of results, but getting the very best results possible comes from proper preparation and the right mind-set.

Set up the mirror and a chair or comfortable place on the floor for you to sit. Wait until it is dark to do so. Choose a quiet room and use a fan to generate white noise. This will block out any distracting noises from outside and help you get into a relaxed, meditative state.

Place personal items of the spirit you want to contact around you within touching distance. Light the candle and place it behind you to offer filtered indirect light.

Sit quietly and breathe deeply. Angle the mirror slightly so that you can look into it without seeing your own reflection. Special black mirrors can also be used.

Gaze into the mirror when you feel yourself starting to relax. Do not try to focus your eyes on anything. You should begin to see a clouding effect in the mirror.

Touch the items around you and continue to gaze. With luck, you could begin to see silhouettes, hear voices or otherwise experience the paranormal.