You can charge your drinking water, garden plant water, bath water or water for any other purpose a number of ways. One easy way is to use crystals. The types of crystals you should use depends only on what kind of energy with which you want to charge the water. Following your intuition is more important than following what others say about certain types of crystals--in other words, if you feel drawn to using amethyst or rose quartz, pay attention to that feeling and don't worry about whether or not others would think those are the right crystals to use.

Hold the crystals in your hand. Imagine the energy (healing, stamina or love, for example) you want the crystal to contain and magnify. Do this until your intuition tells you the crystal has been charged. Alternatively, if you simply want some universal good energy, set crystals out in moonlight overnight, or in sunlight during the day, to charge them.

Rinse the crystals under running water.

Fill a clean bowl half full with cold water. If you are charging drinking water, you may wish to use bottled spring water or distilled water, rather than tap water (it tastes better).

Place the crystals gently into the bowl. Add more water if there is room to do so. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, or any other clean material that will prevent dust from contaminating the water.

Set the bowl somewhere where it won't be disturbed. Leave it overnight, at least before using it--you can leave it several days if using the charged water for bathing or watering plants.

Remove the crystals from the water (make sure your hands are clean if you plan to drink the charged water). Pour the water into a glass bottle. You can now add a bit of this charged water to your bath or to your watering can when you water your plants.

Things Needed

  • ['Bowl', 'Plastic wrap', 'Glass bottle']


  • Always make sure crystals are spotlessly clean before adding them to drinking water--alternatively, if you are using geodes or other crystals containing many hard-to-clean areas, you can set the bowl next to several crystals, rather than putting the crystals actually in the water.