How to Use a Pendulum for Healing

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Pendulums are dowsers--a divination tool. A pendulum can be a balanced object of any weight that hangs from a chain of leather, metal or cloth. The pendulum itself should have a blunt or sharp point. Healing pendulums dowse the body's chakras, or energy centers, releasing blocked chi (energy). Always perform pendulum healing in a meditative state.

1 Detect chi blockages

Detect chi blockages. Hold the pendulum by the chain over the person's body. Hold the chain lightly between the thumb and forefinger. Relax your wrist.

2 Start with the crown chakra

Start with the crown chakra, repeating the steps with each chakra. Hold the pendulum over each chakra to determine blockages.

3 Relax until the pendulum

Relax until the pendulum stops over each chakra. Remain motionless. Allow the pendulum to create its own motion. If the pendulum moves in a circular motion, there is no blockage. Move on to the next chakra. If the pendulum moves from side to side, you have detected a blockage.

4 Ask the pendulum

Ask the pendulum to heal the blocked chi. Try to release the energy, allowing it to flow freely. When the chi is balanced, the pendulum will move in a circular motion and will stop, indicating it is time to move to the next chakra.

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