Praying to Invoke the Holy Spirit

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Many religions believe in forms of prayer and somehow getting in spiritual touch with their god through prayer. Praying to invoke the Holy Spirit is known specifically to Christianity. This method of prayer is truly known to few and can provide a truly unique experience.

1 Eliminate distraction from your immediate vicinity

Eliminate distraction from your immediate vicinity. Find a spot that is free from the roar of voices if possible where you will be able to truly meditate. This is critical to bolstering your spiritual sensory in being able to detect the slightest changes in your environment and yourself. The amount of people where you are does not matter if your purpose is united or they wish to observe without interruption.

2 Clear your heart and mind

Clear your heart and mind. This is done by simply letting go of worries such as mental and emotional distractions. It will be hard to do it all at once but the more clear you feel before you actually start the prayer, the better spiritual receiver you will be. A clogged connection is difficult to get a signal through to, so clearing and cleaning out anguish that can block the connection will heighten the senses and strengthen the signal.

3 Confess wrongdoing

Confess wrongdoing in order to become a humble vessel. Those who are too proud and not meek in their hearts can not be told differently than what they believe. Confessing your sins to the creator will allow you to step into his presence with a clean heart. When you ask for forgiveness, you are also admitting guilt and imperfection. This can be a tool to humble and signals that you at least acknowledge that you are not the omnipresent deity.

4 Worship the Holy Spirit through an offering of praise

Worship the Holy Spirit through an offering of praise. Praise can come in many forms but the purposes are all the same; to exhalt the Holy Spirit. Whether through silent word, spoken word, music, song, or simply lifting your hands up, praise has always been a form of flattery. In other cultures such as in ancient Greece, praise and sacrifice has always been a part of gaining something from the gods. Although Christianity is different, this is true for this religion, too.

5 Wait patiently and allow the Holy Spirit

Wait patiently and allow the Holy Spirit to take control. Continue to offer up prayer but after an extended time of prayer and worship you have paved the way to invoke the Holy Spirit. Now you must usher in the Holy Spirit through deep meditation. After you have prayed and worshiped awhile, listening and recognizing changes in the way you feel and the atmosphere will alert you to the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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