How to Read a Crystal Ball Accurately

Let your vision diffuse as you gaze into the crystal ball.

Witches and fortune tellers often practice divination to see into the past, present and future. Scrying is a form of divination that involves gazing into a mirror, pool of water, flame or crystal ball in order to see visions. It takes time and practice to learn how to gaze into and interpret the visions you receive from a crystal ball. Immediate results may take time to achieve, but you can learn to read a crystal ball through concentration and focus.

Place your crystal ball on a black velvet cloth and sit in front of it in a darkened room. The light of a candle flame or the light of the full moon should reflect off of the surface of your crystal.

Relax, clear your mind and center yourself within your body.

Close your eyes and harmonize your energies with those of the crystal ball's by rubbing your hands gently over the crystal's surface.

Stop rubbing the crystal and open your eyes when you feel connected to the crystal and ready to ask a question.

Focus on a question that you would like to ask the crystal ball. Form your question so that it is clear, simple and direct.

Gaze into the surface of the crystal ball.

Notice if you see a formation of clouds or a slight mist filling your crystal ball.

Examine the color of any clouds that you see in the crystal ball. Clouds that are white are said to represent favorable omens, and clouds that are black are associated with unlucky omens. Blue signifies peace, violet indicates spiritual strength and enlightenment and green symbolizes money. Orange represents health, yellow refers to betrayal and red can indicate either a love affair or impending danger.

Look for an image, symbol or word that may appear as the clouds in the crystal ball part to reveal a vision. Some people see full scenes or images that are straightforward and clear, while others see partial or ambiguous images or receive impressions.

Interpret the image or images that you see. Interpretations are highly subjective and depend on the gazer; however, some people like to refer to traditional dream imagery meanings to understand their visions. For example, a vision of an apple can mean success, a baby can represent a new project and a butterfly can indicate transformation.

Turn your awareness to the edges of the crystal ball as you begin to conclude your scrying session. Focus on the room around you and center and ground yourself within your body.

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Julia Drake has been writing since 2007 when she had her first article published in “The Beltane Papers.” She received her Bachelor of Arts in women studies from the University of Washington. She recently completed her Master of Arts in women’s spirituality at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.