How to Control & Direct Your Aura

Control and direct your aura for powerful spiritual benefits.

The aura is the invisible energy field that emanates from all life forms. It is depicted as a glowing orb of light and is said to reveal an individual's spiritual, mental and emotional states. With training, an aura can be observed by the naked eye. More often, however, the aura is sensed by those that possess psychic abilities. You can learn to sense the aura of others as well as your own. With practice, direct and control your aura and enjoy spiritual benefits.

Direct your aura to heal others. Reiki is the ancient Japanese practice of projecting healing energy towards another via direct human contact. Have the person who is to receive healing energy lie on a comfortable surface, such as the blanketed ground or a couch. Instruct the individual to lie flat with their arms straight out by their sides. Gently rest your palms on the area of infliction. For example, if the individual being healed has a headache, place your palms on their forehead. Feel the warmth of the individual's body and allow your energy to contact theirs: Envision your energy contacting theirs and you will feel a slight tingling sensation. Close your eyes and visualize pure, white energy streaming down on you from the heavens. Visualize this divine energy channeling through your body to reach the individual's body for healing.

Control your aura to perform a magic spell. Cup both hands together and slowly pull them apart until they are about 2 inches from one another. Visualize energy flowing into your palms and fingertips. You will feel a tingling warm or cold sensation. You will feel pressure build between your hands. Respond to the building energy by slowly pulling your hands further apart. Imagine that an invisible sphere of energy is growing larger between your hands. Once the energy has reached a desired size, thrust your palms upwards and visualize the energy traveling towards the heavens to fulfill your desires.

Expand your aura outwards to create a psychic shield for yourself and your home. Negative energies, evil spirits and dark magic present spiritual attacks that can drain your energy field. On a daily basis, project positive energy outwards and towards yourself. Love yourself and others and refrain from negative or malicious thoughts, as like attracts like. Create a powerful shield around yourself by closing your eyes and visualizing your aura expanding around you. See white light permeating your whereabouts, until it reaches each corner of the room you are in. Repeat for other rooms as needed.

Ground yourself. Energy work has the potential to leave you feeling over-energized. Sit or lay outside on the ground and envision your excess energy flowing into the Earth. Adversely, energy work can be draining. If you feel light-headed or tired, take deep breaths and meditate for a few minutes. Partake of food and drink to restore your energy.

Jessica Conner broke into the online writing field in 2010 when she published articles for a local news website covering art-related topics. She now writes full time for various websites. She resides in South Louisiana and attended the University of Louisiana for visual arts.