How to Find a Shamanism Practitioner. Searching for a local shaman can be easy or nearly impossible, depending on where you live. Shamanism is the mystical religion of invoking spirits to intercede in human matters. As this type of healing takes place from the outside in, some believe that a Shaman can heal a wide variety of ailments. However, on occasion a Shaman will determine a patient unable to heal and refuse to perform services.

Do Your Homework

Research the differences between the various religions of shamanism to find the one right for you. Investigate Congo shamanism, Mayan Tangerism and Siberian shamanism. You can learn about the variety of forms at the Healing Arts Network Web site (see Resources below).

Decide ahead of time the amount of money you have available for a shamanism practitioner. Some of them charge and some of them don't, but the option of health insurance is not available.

Pinpoint what health ailment you are seeing the shaman for. Shamans claim to be able to cure a variety of health problems, encompassing the spirit and the body.

Discover Your Options

Begin your search at a Web site like the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (see Resources below). Compile a list of your options. As there are different types of shamans, consider dividing up your search based on type.

Note the contact information next to each potential practitioner.

Search for a pricing structure for the practitioners under consideration.

Narrow down your list based on type of practice, proximity and pricing.

Decide on a Shamanism Practitioner

Contact the shamanism practitioners who interest you most. Ask them for further information about their practice, and feel free to ask for references.

Follow up with the references offered. Ask them how their experiences were with the shamanism practitioner and whether or not they were pleased with their results. (Everyone has an opinion, but if many people have a similar one, you can use it as your guide.)

Compare all the information you've gathered and make your decision.