How to Find a Wi-Fi Frequency

Changing your router's wireless channel can reduce dropped wireless connections.
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The exact radio frequency that your wireless router uses to broadcast your network’s wireless signal is listed in your router’s Web Administration page. You can access the page through any browser on your computer or applicable wireless device, such as a tablet. Depending on your router model, the device may broadcast a Wi-Fi signal in the 2.4-GHz frequency band, the 5-GHz frequency band or either if it is capable of dual band broadcasting.

Launch a Web browser, then enter the address of your router's Administration page in to the address bar. An example of a wireless router's address is: Refer to your router's user guide for the device's address.

Enter the router's login information in the username and password boxes to open the Administration page. Refer to your router's user guide for the exact username and password to access the Administration page.

Click the "Wireless" or "Wireless Settings" tab -- depending on your router's manufacturer -- to display the Wireless or Wireless Settings information. Some routers may require extra steps to view the Wireless information. For example, on a Linksys router, select the "Manual" radio button after clicking "Wireless." Your router's user manual and the support section of your router manufacturer's website has the exact steps to view the wireless settings.

Scroll down the list of settings until you get to the "Channel" or "Wireless Channel" entry. The "Channel" or "Wireless Channel" drop-down box displays the router's current Wi-Fi frequency.

  • The range of a network's wireless signal that uses the 5-GHz frequency band is shorter than the range of a network that uses the 2.4-GHz band.
  • Your wireless device must have an 802.11n or 802.11a wireless adapter to connect to a Wi-Fi network signal that broadcasts in the 5-GHz frequency band. If your router uses the 802.11ac wireless standard -- which uses the 5-GHz band -- your wireless device must also have an 802.11ac wireless adapter to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • To change the wireless frequency, click the "Wireless Channel" or "Channel" drop-down box and select the new frequency. Click "Save," "Save Settings" or "Apply" to save the new frequency.
  • If you have a router that is capable of broadcasting your network's Wi-Fi signal in the 5 GHz range, your devices will pick up less interference than a 2.4-GHz network because most devices -- such as a cordless phone -- use the 2.4 GHz band.

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