The same section of your router’s Web-based Configuration page that activates the security protocols -- such as Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA -- also has the option to disable the security. Although activating a security protocol will help to protect your network, it can become an inconvenience because you need to give every friend who wants to access the network a password. To avoid this extra hassle, turn off the network’s security by opening the Wireless section of your router’s Configuration page.

Step 1

Enter your Wi-Fi router's Web-based Configuration page address in to your browser's address bar, such as Review your router's user manual for the Configuration page's address.

Step 2

Enter the device's login credentials when prompted to access the configuration page. Your router's user manual also has the device's default login credentials.

Step 3

Select "Wireless Security," "Wireless Setup" or "Wireless" to display your router's wireless security settings. The exact words depend on your router manufacturer's terminology.

Step 4

Click the "Security Mode" or "Security" drop-down box, and then select "Disabled" or "None."

Step 5

Click the "Save," "Save Settings" or "Apply" button. If prompted, click "Yes" or "Apply" to confirm the deactivation of the network's security protocol.