Printing a card from a computer rather than buying in a store will save you money.

After receiving a gift or having been the recipient of a nice deed, it is courteous to send a thank-you card. Thank-you cards are widely available in most gift and drug stores as well as sundries and groceries. However, it is very easy to create a thank-you card using the software on most personal computers or co-opting websites that offer free printable cards.Sending a printed thank-you card allows for more customization, tailoring the card to fit the recipient's personality or interests.

Create a Printable Card With Microsoft Word

Open Microsoft Word by clicking on the "Start Menu," navigating to "All Programs," then to the Microsoft Office folder and finally clicking on the "Microsoft Word" application.

Click the "File" button and then click "New." This will open a page containing project templates.

Click the "Cards" button followed by the "Occasion and Everyday Cards" button. This will bring up a selection of card templates to choose from.

Select a card and double-click it. This will allow you to begin modifying it.

Type a greeting on the front portion of the card. This can include something as basic as "Thank you." Then, highlight the text and use the drop-down menus at the top of the program to adjust font, font color and font size to your liking.

Push the "Back" tab button to flip over to the back of the card. Add any text as desired as you did in step 5.

Click the "File" button and then click "Print." Adjust the number of copies you wish to print and then click "Print" again.

Fold the card and write the message to the recipient on the inner portion. This area of the card should have printed blank.

Create a Printable Card Online

Open a web browser on a personal computer and visit the Got Free Cards website. You'll find a link to the site in this web page's Resources section.

Select the Thank You card option from the card categories on the left side of the page.

Select a card design to use by clicking on its thumbnail picture.

Click the "Add Text" button to add text to the card. Click on the text and drag it to move it to a different area of the card if you wish.

Click the "Add Stickers" button to add digital stickers to the card. Drag stickers, which are essentially click-art, to different areas of the card as you've done with text.

Click the "Add Photo" button to add an image to the card. A window will open allowing you to select a file from the computer's hard drive. To resize the image, click a corner and drag it in or out to contract or expand the image.

Click the "Inside" button to work on the inner portion of the card. Then add text, stickers and images.

Click the "Print 1 Sided" button or "Print Front and Back" button to print the card. Hover the mouse over the image thumbnail to see how the card will print.

Select the number of copies to be printed, then click "Print."

Things Needed

  • ['Computer', 'Printer with paper', 'Internet connection']