How to Find a Video Card Serial Number

You will likely have to open your computer case for the task.
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Your video card -- or graphics card -- gives your computer's CPU the extra oomph it needs to display images. Because the main processor would spend a great deal of resources producing these images, your video card is integral in keeping your games and video streams from lagging. If your card becomes glitchy, however, you may need to locate its serial number for repair or warranty needs.

1 Finding the Serial Number

Power down the computer and start unplugging cables from the back of the unit -- you'll need to open the computer case next and look for the video card inside. If you're not familiar with the inner components of a computer, you're specifically looking for the card attached to the port where your monitor's cable plugs in. You should see a serial number on a sticker or etched into the card itself.

2 Additional Considerations

In a pinch, you can also refer to the video card's original packaging or -- if you completed it -- a copy of the warranty information for the hardware. While a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) information utility may provide valuable data like GPU type, your available amount of video memory and the version of drivers installed, it likely will not be able to provide you with accurate serial number information.

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