A prayer card is a tool that can be used to help people pray when they are at a loss for words or as a quick tool for encouragement when they are feeling discouraged. Prayer cards can be used as keepsakes at funerals, weddings, births or any other event that you might consider special. You can buy pre-made prayer cards, but making your own adds a personal touch that can be remembered forever by those you share them with.

Use a software program that will allow you to enter text and graphics, such as Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Word.

Set the margins for your prayer card to ensure that it is the size you want it to be. You can also select a business card template or bookmark template from your software program to create your card. By making the prayer card small you can carry it in your wallet or purse with ease.

Insert your own special prayer onto the card. You can also include scriptures on the prayer card.

Insert graphics on the prayer card. If you are making the prayer card for a funeral, you can insert a picture of the deceased. Make sure that you have reprint rights for the graphics you choose in order to avoid copyright infringement.

Save your work when you have finished creating your prayer card. Print your prayer card on quality card stock paper.

Things Needed

  • ['Computer', 'Graphics design software', 'Card stock paper', 'Printer', 'Lamination sheets']


  • You can purchase card stock paper from your local office supply store. By laminating your prayer card you can protect it against wear and tear.