Can I Transfer My Blackberry Curve Pictures to My PC?

Keep your Curve photos synchronized using BlackBerry Media Sync.
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You can transfer photos from your BlackBerry Curve to your computer using two methods. Connect the BlackBerry to your computer in Mass Storage Mode/MTP to use the device as a removable drive. You can then drag and drop photo files from the Picture folder on the Curve to a folder on your PC. The second option is to use BlackBerry Media Sync software to manage your photo library between your device and computer. BlackBerry Media Sync is a component of BlackBerry Desktop software that enables you to manage your photo library, keeping your pictures synchronized between your Curve and computer.

1 Mass Storage Mode/MTP

2 Connect the BlackBerry Curve

Connect the BlackBerry Curve to the computer and tap the “Options” icon on the BlackBerry Curve home screen.

3 Tap Mass Storage Mode Support

Tap the “Mass Storage Mode Support” or “Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)” switch (depending on the available option) to toggle the option to “On.”

4 Press the Menu ” key

Press the “Menu” key, and then tap “Save” to save the selection. The BlackBerry registers to the computer as a removable drive.

5 Open File Explorer on the computer

Open File Explorer on the computer and select the “BlackBerry Curve” drive in the left navigation menu. The device file system opens in the right pane.

6 Navigate to

Navigate to and click on the "Pictures" folder to open it.

7 Drag and drop files

Drag and drop files from the BlackBerry Pictures folder to a location on your computer to transfer photos.

8 Unplug the USB cable

Unplug the USB cable from the device and computer when you are finished transferring files.

9 BlackBerry Media Sync

10 Connect the BlackBerry Curve-2

Connect the BlackBerry Curve to the computer and launch the BlackBerry Desktop software program.

11 Click the Media option

Click the “Media” option and then click the “Launch” button in the Media Sync section on the left navigation menu to open the BlackBerry Media Sync component.

12 Click the media card icon

Click the media card icon to open the storage device where the photos are located. The BlackBerry folder opens in the bottom window.

13 Click the Pictures ” tab

Click the “Pictures” tab, then the “BlackBerry Device Pictures” sub-tab. The photos saved on the device display in the center window.

14 Click the check box next to the folder

Click the check box next to the folder to sync in the left navigation panel.

15 Click the Import to Computer button

Click the “Import to Computer” button. Pictures on the device are transferred to the computer.

16 Disconnect the USB cable

Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and device, and close the BlackBerry Desktop software application when finished transferring files.

  • Information provided in these steps applies to BlackBerry Media Sync, version 3.0 and higher and all models of the BlackBerry Curve. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other BlackBerry devices and other versions of the desktop software.
  • Use the quick Mass Storage Mode / MTP option if you want to transfer just a few photos. Use Media Sync to transfer and manage several images at once.

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