It is important to keep track of your child's courses, grades and grade point average. It is especially important when your child is in high school. Colleges and future employers frequently consider high school performance when considering a student for admittance or employment. Keeping track of grades on a regular basis will make printing your child's transcript easier when your child graduates. Consistently using a specific form, a report card, will help you stay organized and give your child feedback on performance.

Open your spreadsheet software and choose to create a new document. You can also create your documents in word processing software. If you do, however, you'll need to insert numbers and percentages individually. A spreadsheet can calculate GPA for you once you set up the formulas.

Report card

Type the name of your school at the top center of your document. Use a 12- to 14-point font. Under the name of your school, place the complete address in a smaller font, also centered. Skip one line and then type the words "Report Card" in a bold 12-point font.

Decide your grading scale and list that under your school name and the words "Report Card." In the example, grades K to 3 are given a letter for Outstanding, Satisfactory, or Needs Improvement. Grades 4 to 8 are given letter grades A to F. High school students are given a percentage so you can calculate GPA.

Draw a line using the "Format" function. In "Format Cells," choose "Border" and then "Underline." Type "Student's Name," "School Year," and "Grade."

Click on the "Format" function, then on "Format Cells." Choose "Border" and then "Outline." Create five columns as in the sample report card. One column is to list subjects, and the other columns are for each of the four marking periods. Use your "Format" option to make these columns. This gives your report card a more finished and professional appearance.

List your child’s subjects in the first column. Leave a row at the bottom to record days of attendance for each marking period.

Use your cursor to highlight the entire report card. Click on "File," then "Print Area," and then "Set Print Area." Click "File" again, the "Page Setup," then "Portrait Orientation," and choose "Adjust to Fit to 1 Page." Click on "Margins" and choose to center on page "Horizontally" and "Vertically."

Click on "File" and then "Print. " Your new school report card should begin printing.